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Intermediate Microeconomics (2017)

This course is an intermediate level study of microeconomics. It aims to provide you with analytical and quantitative tools to think like an economist, to understand how consumers, firms and governments make decisions under scarcity. The methods and concepts you learn in this course can in turn help you analyze a great number of phenomena in the economic and social sphere.

Lecture slides will be available soon. If you need a glimpse, please contact me.

Course Structure

Consumer Theory

Producer Theory

Market Analysis

Advanced Microeconomics (2016, 2017)

It is the first class of the one-year advanced microeconomics sequence. The course covers classical topics regarding microeconomics theory, such as consumer theory, producer theory, decision under uncertainty, general equilibrium and so on. The class is open to first year master or Ph.D. students at Xiamen University Economics Deciplines.

Lecture Slides

Information Economics (2014)

It is the notes I prepared for TA sessions when I served as the teaching assistant at Professor John Riley’s Ph.D micro-sequence class. The topics include auction, signalling, mechanism design and so on. You are welcome to use it in your class. If you find any errors or typos, please let me know!
Lecture Notes

Introduction to Game Theory (2013)

The slides was prepared for the Intro to Game Theory. Game theory provides tools to analyze interactions among strategic agents. The key idea of a game is that agents’ payoffs, such as utility, profit or welfare, are determined by everybody’s behavior. Therefore, one must take others’ strategies into consideration when make his/her own.

The course introduces fundamental concepts in game theory, e.g. Nash equilibrium, mixed strategies, backward induction, commitment, sub-game perfect equilibrium, cooperation, incomplete information, Bayesian-Nash equilibrium and so on.
Lecture Slides

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